• Season place 2022
  • Camping 14 495: -
  • Sea View Campground - 17,495 -
  • Campsite 08 / 4-25 / 9
  • Choose between sea view / shade / sunny
  • Discount about 70% on regular day price
  • Priority for the coming season
  • Possibility of winter storage of trolley / trolley 1200: -
  • Wifi included
  • Visits from guests are included
  • Parking on site for 1 car
  • Access to all events is included
  • (10%) Discount on everything in Havscafét, Boat rental.
What is included in a seasonal pitch at Kalmar Camping?
The seasonal place will be automatically rebooked at the reception when you have paid the registration fee before 25 September.
Will my season place be automatically rebooked for next year?
How do you get a season place?
See below for vacancies!
Are there vacancies for the season?
From April 8 to September 25.
How long is the season?
The pitches are spread all over the campsite! See map!
Where are the seasonal places?
About 40 pieces.
How many Season Places are there?
In recent times, seasonal places have become increasingly popular. Many can not resist the wonderful spring air in April and the incredible sun in June & July but we can not forget the late summer evenings in August & September! You simply have to experience the whole long summer season! Here we answer the most common questions below!
Do you want to enjoy a whole season with us? Here's everything you need to know!
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