Welcome as a guest in 2021 at Kalmar Camping - Rafshagsudden, the scenic family campsite!

General rules and rental rules regarding seasonal accommodation 23/03/2021:

Family character at Kalmar Camping means that it should be calm and quiet between 23: 00-07: 00, after which the noise level should be kept low after 23:00. Exceptions are available at special events such as Midsummer's Eve, entertainment evenings, etc. Always show consideration for other camping guests.

During the period 23: 00-07: 00, vehicles may not be driven in the area but are then referred directly to the parking lot at the service house. When visiting guests, they are referred to guest parking at the service house.

Care of the plot is taken care of by the seasonal guest, the public area is taken care of by Kalmar Camping. Lawn mowers and trimmers can be borrowed through reception. Disposal of grass / other garden waste must take place at the specified location. When pruning trees / shrubs, Kalmar Camping must give approval before pruning begins. This is usually only given for things that prevent the setting up of caravans / dead vegetation etc. to maintain the feeling of nature at the campsite.

In the event of termination, the site must be left cleaned and prepared to its original condition.

At the end of the season with renewal for the next season, the place must be left neat and clean, decking may remain on the place. In the case of loose parts, these must be collected under a tarpaulin. This is to keep it clean and tidy for winter season guests.

The plot is rented in its existing condition, gravel / sand or the like is provided themselves. Only your own car and caravan / motorhome (some plots caravan) may stand on the plot. These must be under the term camping in the sense that it is a temporary accommodation and must be able to be checked out / moved at short notice.

In general, in addition to the caravan / awning, no ground work or construction may take place except for the terrace in front of the caravan to the awning. In the case of new / extensions, advice must be given to Kalmar Camping. Buildings must be easily dismantled with a neat and tidy design. These should not be higher or wider than the trolley. Construction must follow safety distances. It is safest to consult with a reception before starting.

Kalmar Camping AB is obliged to follow government decisions and recommendations. Whereupon you as a seasonal guest also have this requirement and are responsible for all construction on your plot. Fines and fees from authorities against Kalmar Camping due to the seasonal guest's construction or other measures to the site, the seasonal visitor for the site must pay the corresponding compensation to Kalmar Camping immediately.

When imposing an authority on the relocation of a motorhome / caravan / caravan, demolition and removal of construction, it must be done immediately and paid for by the seasonal guest. The seasonal guest is not entitled to financial compensation from Kalmar Camping AB for relocation / demolition / rebuilding.

This applies regardless of whether Kalmar Camping AB has given its approval to the construction. If no measures are taken by the seasonal guest within the prescribed time, the seasonal guest admits that Kalmar Camping has the right to take the measures on the plot leased by the seasonal guest as prescribed by the authority. These measures taken by Kalmar Camping are at the expense of the seasonal guest.

Subletting / leasing is prohibited. It is also not allowed to register at the campsite. When selling a housing unit with an existing plot, the new owner must be approved by Kalmar Camping before the purchase is made, however, Kalmar Camping always has priority on the plot.

The safety of the seasonal guest is responsible for the rented plot and caravan. This means that control of the gas plant, fire extinguisher must take place at least every two years. It must be possible to present a gas sample print on request. Certificate of valid LPG test must be presented at the car park. Those who do not use the LPG system must sign that the LPG is not used in the camping area.

Kalmar Camping is subject to a fire protection ordinance, which means that the distance between two camping units must be a minimum of four meters. It is your responsibility as a camping guest that the distance is kept to neighbors and that fire extinguishers / gas alarms are in the caravan.

Electricity use at Kalmar Camping means that the guest is responsible for ensuring that electrical equipment is in safe condition, CE-marked and that all cables are intact. Cable area between trolley and pole must be at least 2.5 mm2, junction boxes between the trolley and the pole are not permitted.

Own cars / mopeds / motorcycles etc. must only be used for entry and exit to the site. Keep the speed to 10 km / h in the area. Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited and may result in immediate termination of the place. Avoid driving in off-road areas and on wet ground.

Dogs are very welcome at Kalmar Camping but should be kept on a leash in the area, out on the headland there is a rest yard where our four-legged friends can run free, there is also a dog bath here! This is your own responsibility for the dogs, always ask those who are in the rest yard before you let your dog in. There is a dog shower on the gable facing the car park.

Waste management: Food waste can be thrown in a green bag in combustible and then sorted by KSRR. All combustible waste is thrown in a bag with a double knot in the specified container. Glass, batteries, light bulbs are sorted at source. Larger waste such as car batteries, furniture, refrigerators, etc. must be transported to a municipal recycling center on their own. We encourage source sorting even if this can be difficult with space in the trolley, KSRR recycling center is located at Mosekrogsvägen 11, 380 31 Läckeby.

Summer season applies from 25/3 - 30/9, payment is made 1 month before the start of the season unless otherwise agreed. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee of SEK 85 and default interest of 12% / year will be charged. Deposit fee 1200: - is paid at the end of the season for the next season, if this is not paid the place is interpreted as canceled and Kalmar Camping can rent this out to another guest. This fee is non-refundable upon cancellation of the place. Electricity is not included in the rent but is invoiced at SEK 2 / kwh, which generally takes place at the end of the season. The seasonal guest is responsible for keeping a logbook of electricity consumption and if discrepancies are discovered, notify the reception immediately. No refund will be made on earlier departure than booked / reserved. If the site is left empty, notify the camping host. In addition to the seasonal fee and electricity, there is a laundry / shower card that is charged at the reception.

Kalmar Camping AB is not responsible for damage / theft or anything else on guests and their property. We reserve the right to evict a guest who does not comply with the above rules and instructions stated by Kalmar Camping's management and staff at the guest's expense and without deduction / refund.

Kalmar Camping reserves the right to change the above conditions and rules of procedure, which will be announced by email or post.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Kalmar Camping with lots of sun and great moments!