Image by Macarena Moraga

Kalmar Camping out on Rafshagsudden has functioned as a campsite for almost 70 years. From initially being tentative visitors with small demands on service, to today being a state-of-the-art camping facility. The reason why we stuck to Kalmar Camping was the tranquility and the absolutely wonderful nature out on Rafshagsudden - the islands, fishing, bird life and other nature experiences. since then the campsite has grown so fast! State-of-the-art service house with card system for buildings & showers, updated   reception / shop, bath & sauna facility and much other fun!


Our Camping is located on a headland in Kalmarsund and from the campsite you have a wonderful sea view in all directions and a view of the Öland Bridge in the South. Our places have plenty of space and no two places on Kalmar Camping are the same - the choices are many! Our motto is that you should thrive and find something that suits you.

From the campsite it is walking distance to Björnö & Stävlö nature reserve and during the summer there are many different activities such as fishing, exercise trail, swimming area etc. Look in the tab Activities at the campsite to see our entire range.

In our service shop you will find most things you need, freshly baked rolls, milk etc. In our small café you can enjoy pastry and other goodies. If you are hungry, you can also order food.

Ice cream in large loads!

Out at Rafshagsudden's sea café you will find lots of glassy news this year!

Lots of ball ice cream flavors and also creamy soft ice cream that we also use for our handmade milkshakes!


This year we have the entire GB ice cream range and also Freezing Good with Barebells and Nocco ice cream, yummy!

For those looking for something cooling, we of course have slush!

Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Scoop
Oreo Ice Cream Scoop
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Scoop
Pistasch Ice Cream Scoop
Chokladglass Scoop
Banan och Honey Ice Cream
Saltad Caramel Ice Cream
Cherry Cheescake Ice Cream
Raspberry Ice Cream Cone