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At Kalmar Camping Rafshagsudden there is everything for a wonderful holiday experience. Beautiful sea views, wonderful nature and environment where no two places are alike. The famous tranquility of Kalmar Camping and the wonderful fresh air means that you can relax and gather new energy during the holiday. Here you can also go for walks in the Nature Reserve, fish from land or boat and sunbathe and swim. Also visit our Café and shop for a delicious lunch or a cooling milkshake!


Season 2021

Mars 25 - September 26


Rafshagsudden  430


From the campsite it is walking distance to Björnö & Stävlö nature reserve. Hiking trails and exercise tracks are close at hand and during the summer there are many different activities such as fishing, swimming area, mini golf, volleyball

Take a look at the Activities tab at the campsite to see our entire range.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Kalmar Camping is located on a headland in Kalmarsund and from the campsite you have a wonderful sea view in all directions and a view of the Öland Bridge in the South. Our places have a lot of space and no two places on Kalmar Camping are alike - the choices are many! Our motto is that you should thrive and find something that suits you.

In Kalmar's charming city center, you can feel the wings of history. Cobblestone streets and well-preserved 17th-century buildings provide a beautiful setting for all of the city's shops, malls, taverns and attractions. Kalmar Camping is also only 15 minutes from Öland, why not take a day trip to take part in Öland's nature and culture?


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Address: Rafshagen 430, 395 98 Läckeby
Phone: 0480-604 64
Email: info@kalmarcamping.se


Full Service at the Campsite: 1/6 - 18/8 Every day 08:00 - 21:00

Low / Mid season - Varying opening hours - Call and we will help you on site.

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